Brewing with local hops 

Whether you are a master brewer or new to the homebrew scene, using local hops adds flair to your beer. The soil and climate where hops are grown influences the flavors and oils that bring uniqueness to each beer, which means that local hops will impart a distinctly local stamp on your brew. Your hop grower will be able to provide you with the brewer values for the hops, so you can be sure that your local hops will impart the perfect flavor. 

Using local hops is not just good for your beer, its good for the local economy, too. Since 2011, hop growers have invested $10,000,000 to plant, harvest, and process over 400 acres in New York. Just as with other farmers, local hop growers spend their money locally, create jobs, pay taxes, and help to diversify and support the New York economy.