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In order to better meet the needs of regional hop growers, NeHA has re-organized as an umbrella organization with three sub-chapters that each represent a smaller geographic area: New York, New England, and Mid-Atlantic.
New York has always had the largest number of growers and also produces the most hops of NeHA. NeHA Board of Directors felt that an organization solely focused on the specific needs of NYS growers was required. The focus of this chapter has changed from education-based to promoting NY hops. This new chapter is called: Hop Growers of New York (HGoNY).
Meet the Hop Growers of New York Board

President: Chris Holden, NY Hop Guild, chris@nyhopguild.com 

Vice-President: Chad Meigs, The Bineyard, hops@thebineyard.com

Secretary: John Condzella, Condzella Farm, condzellasfarm@gmail.com

Treasurer: Conrad Fink, Alta Vista Hop Farm, conradfink59@gmail.com

Member: Dietrich Gehring, Indian Ladder Farms, dcgehring@gmail.com

Member: Larry Fisher, Foothill Hops, fhhops@dreamscape.com

Member: Dan Koester, Koester Hops, koesterhops@gmail.com

Member: Rick Pedersen, Pedersen Farms, pedersenfarms@gmail.com



We are uniting hop growers across New York State in order to promote the hop industry in all of its forms



  • Sponsor the creation of a hop Breeding Program for the exclusive benefit of NY growers

  • Promote knowledge of the hops industry in New York State

  • Highlight the economic benefits of the New York State hop growing industry to the public and government officials.

  • Lobby government officials on behalf of the HGoNY members:

    • Secure funding for HGoNY activities

    • Promote legislation that benefits HGoNY member

  • Formulate a working relationship with the NYS Brewers Association that is beneficial to the HGoNY members.

  • Increase awareness of NYS grown hops to the general public.

  • Coordinate/aggregate NY grower information for the benefit of all HGoNY members to assist them in making informed business decisions and also to be used for promotional and advocacy purposes.


Hop to the Future

Executive Director

We are actively recruiting a new Executive Director as Steve Miller is retiring. Steve was the one that kept us all on track, organized, and sent out the monthly newsletter. We are seeking someone with expertise in strategic planning, market development, communication, organization administration, relationship management, and grant writing to take his place. We are grateful for his commitment to New York hops.


Brewer Engagement

Brewer engagement will be a crucial part of the industry's success over the next few years. This will be a top priority of our organization as we continue to promote our hops. Currently, two members of HGoNY sit on the Farm Brewery Sub-Committee of the NYS Brewers Association which gives us insight into how we can best work with them.

New York State Hop Breeding Program

New York state is the 5th largest hop growing state in America. Out of those five states, we are the only one with a Farm Brewery License and the only state without a state-funded breeding program. Proprietary hops now make up over 50% of the total acreage grown in the United States. The time for a New York specific hop is NOW!
Our goal is to help NYS growers better compete with the other hop growing regions that have invested in their own breeding programs. New York bred hops will be better adapted to our specific growing climate, produce higher yields, have more disease resistance and also provide unique flavor attributes that are attractive to brewers.
We were able to get $350,000 allocated in the 2020 NYS budget to fund a hop breeding program at Cornell. But, like many programs in the state budget, that funding went away due to Covid. The efforts to secure 2021 funding to begin this program are well underway at this time.
Hop Growers of NY has already invested in researching and cultivating New York’s feral hops. These strains are of significant interest and will be incorporated into the breeding program.


Membership Communication

By working together we can know what varieties are being grown, can assess market needs, and share different growing techniques will be important for our success. By working together, we can accomplish much more than we can as individuals.
If you are an active hop farmer and would like to continue to receive newsletters, please email your contact information to hopgrowersofnewyork@gmail.com so we can continue to work together to promote NY hops.