History of Hops in the Northeast

New York State was the predominant producer of hops in the mid to late 1800's, but plant diseases and prohibition pushed the industry out west. In 2000, the crop returned to New York State in the form of a small test plot in Seneca Castle, New York. From its humble reintroduction a decade ago, the crop has grown to cover 400 Acres of commercial hop farms throughout the state. 

The resources below provide a better understanding of the history of the hops industry in New York State. 

The Past, Present, and Yes, Future of the Hops Industry

 Richard Vang presents an overview of the growth of the hops industry in New York State during the 1800's and a more contemporary outlook on the importance of preserving hop history in the state in this essay from 1996

Historic Hop Kiln

New York State: America's Former Hop Capital

Check out this article from Craftbeer.com about the history and revival of New York State's Hop industry

The Madison County Hop Fest

This annual celebration of hop history is located at the Madison County Historical Society. The event includes guest speakers, a paired beer dinner, a taste of hops luncheon event, a beer tasting, a hop tour, and a vendor area. To learn more about hop history in Madison County or to go on a self guided tour, check out the Madison County Hop Fest